[NTG-context] Trouble with \placefloat in recent versions of the standalone

Robert Blackstone blackstone.robert at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 08:51:31 CET 2013

On 5 Mar 2013, at 19:18 , philipp.gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de wrote:

> as you got no reply from the others, here?s what I can say:
> 1. Can you provide a complete, minimal non-working example that
>   relies only on the images in tex/context/sample/* ?
> 2. Maybe your Luatex binary is not in sync with Context. The
>   recently included Lua 5.2 is more rigorous with escape
>   sequences than its predecessor:

Hi Philipp,
Thanks for your reply. 
I have as yet not succeeded in making a non-working minimal example. So far they all ran smoothly with each of my whole collection of minimals, including the latest (= yesterday's) beta. 
So I will have to look in some of the auxiliary files, setups etc. for the cause of my trouble. 
The fact remains that the present ConTeXt mkiv is different from that of november and before in a way that is crucial for my project. 

Thanks again. Best regards,

Robert Blackstone

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