[NTG-context] Arranging framed text without gaps

Matthias Weber matweber at indiana.edu
Thu Feb 28 23:37:54 CET 2013

Dear all,

I am trying to create a table where the entries have determined width and height. They typically are
something like


and I understand that I will be responsible for making the dimensions so that everything fits nicely.

After playing around  without much success with the various tables, I came up with the following
which is not exactly ConTeXt-like:



I get small gaps between the horizontal rows which I don't like.
Also, in my (possibly not quite up to date) MkIV, the texts isn't centered. 
In MkII it is.

My questions:

How do I 
-- achieve the desired layout (exact dimensions, frames, no gaps) the right way, 
-- without gaps between horizontal rows
-- with text centered in the frames also in MkIV?

Thanks a lot -


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