[NTG-context] extras in \cite

Devendra Ghate devendra.ghate at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 06:37:37 CET 2013

Hello Everyone,

A while back Aditya provided a patch for using
*alternative=authornum* in *\cite*. The patch adds et al.
for the cases with more than two authors.
I have been using it without a hitch since then.

However, today I tried to use *extras* option with this patch
and it won't work. The MWE works for
*alternative=apa* and *alternative=num*

Please let me know if this can be rectified.





   \cite[alternative=authornum,extras={,\S 5.1}][citation1]


   title = {Kernel independent component analysis},
   author = {Bach, F. R. and Jordan, M. I.},
   journal = {Journal of {M}achine {L}earning {R}esearch},
   volume = {3},
   pages = {1-48},
   year = {2002},

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