[NTG-context] Quick slide templates

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Wed Feb 20 11:58:24 CET 2013

Hello Kumar.
I make my PDF animations so that I first create a single multi-page PDF 
file whose separate pages are separate animation frames.
Then this auxiliary PDF file I put into another PDF file using \ fieldstack.
Here's how I prepare a separate animation file.



\startbuffer [greenbar]
   \blackrule[width=\myparameter, height=5mm, color=green]




Jaroslav Hajtmar

Dne 20.2.2013 10:16, Marco Patzer napsal(a):
> \newdimen\cnt
> \starttext
> \startbuffer [greenbar]
>    \blackrule[width=4cm, height=5mm, color=green]
> \stopbuffer
> \dorecurse{10}{%%
>    \blackrule[width=\textwidth]
>    \advance\cnt1cm \hskip\cnt
>    \getbuffer[greenbar]\page}
> \stoptext

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