[NTG-context] Quick slide templates

Kumar Appaiah a.kumar at alumni.iitm.ac.in
Wed Feb 20 05:11:57 CET 2013

Dear ConTeXt list,

This could be more of a style and TeX question than a ConTeXt
question. Nevertheles:

I am making a presentation that involves some simple animations. The
way I make those animations is by:

1. Stopping page numbering.
2. Flipping through the same slide repeated, but with img0, img1, img2 etc.
3. Start page numbering.

The problem with my naïve approach of repeating slides is that fixing
a spelling error or making changes implies that I have to do it several
times for an “animated” slide, and is error-prone. Could you point me
to a way by which I can make a slide something like a “function” whose
argument is the image, and calling it creates that slide with an

FWIW, I use texexec --xtx, but I am guessing a LuaTeX solution would
be simpler. The XeTeX solution is what I am not able to find now.


Kumar Appaiah

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