[NTG-context] Paragraph formatting (was: block with different formatting per line?)

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 20:43:03 CET 2013

Am 06.02.2013 um 20:21 schrieb Bill Meahan <subscribed_lists at meahan.net>:

> My #1 "Wish List" item for ConTeXt is /allowing/ "stylesheets" at the paragraph level. That would allow closer correspondence with what CSS/CSS3, Scribus, ODT, EPUB3 &al do and make it much easier to write transformation scripts whether XSLT, lua code, Perl code or whatever favorite tool one wishes to use.
> I envision something like (psuedo code):
> \setupstylesheet[myparagraphstyle]
>  [font=AccanthisADF,
>  fontsize=12pt,
>  fontstyle=italic,
>  alignment=justified,
>  frame=no,
>  color=blue,
>  width=\textwidth,
>  &c ....
>  ]
> \starttext
>  \startparagraph[style=mystylesheet]
>    \input tufte
>  \stopparagraph
>  \input knuth
> \stoptext
> The output would have the tufte quote formatted according to my stylesheet and knuth in whatever the global style is.
> The style parameter in the start/stop paragraph would, of course, be /optional/ so existing documents would be unchanged from current behavior but allow the introduction of paragraph styles.

A few of these values can be set for certain paragraphs with the new \defineparagraph command.


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