[NTG-context] deferred variable lookup in environment?

Ingo Hohmann context at ingohohmann.de
Tue Feb 5 16:01:24 CET 2013

On 02/02/2013 12:31 AM, Marco Patzer wrote:
> On 2013–02–02 Ingo Hohmann wrote:
>> I'm trying to have the date in a layer in an environment. In the
>> text using the environment, I want to be able to set the date.
>> If the date is not set, the current date should be used, otherwise
>> the set date.
>> This is what I've tried, but it is always the currentdate, that is
>> displayes.
> You are trying to use the date before it is defined. You can use a
> two-pass mechanism:
> \define\mydate{\datasetvariable{mydata}{date}{date}}

Thank you Marco, this works.

Is it possible to update fields in the datasetvariables table, or is it 
only possible to replace the whole table?


After the second line, the first value is gone.

Thank you,


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