[NTG-context] link to component

Daniel Schopper daniel.schopper at aon.at
Fri Jan 11 15:52:44 CET 2013


I'm using a product/component structure with interaction but it seems 
that hyperlink targets pointing to manually set pagereferences in 
another component file do not work as they should: The line/page numbers 
on the link is correct, but the hyperlinks points to  _component.pdf_ 
(which opens, if it has been compiled by itself before, otherwise the 
link is just going nowhere) instead of the page in product.pdf

On the other hand, hyperlinks to a chapter/... head work as expected.

I haven't used interaction much until now, so I might well be missing 
something, but this seems like a bug to me.

Thanks in advance!

Working minimal example:
My product.tex looks like this:


\startproduct product

	%\at and \inline -> \pagereference[knuth] don't work
	cf. Knuth at \at{p.}[knuthpage] \inline{line}[knuth]
	% \in -> \chapter[knuthchap] works
	in \in{Chapter}[knuthchap].

	\component appendix


And my appendix.tex looks like this:

\startcomponent appendix
	\product product
	\startline[knuth]\input knuth\stopline[knuth]
	Some problem here.\pagereference[knuthpage]

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