[NTG-context] ConTeXt on the Mac (TexShop). Problem of a newbie

Meigen, Thomas T.Meigen at augenklinik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Fri Jan 11 11:58:54 CET 2013

Thank you very much for your clarifications!

To summarize...

1. The use of additional modules may be nice (as Sietse proposed the
complex-slides module), but ConTeXt can achieve very flexible solutions
even without these modules.

2. Although the production of slides was not the main issue of my question,
I am amazed by the step-by-step guide from Aditya. This was very helpful
and I learned a lot about ConteXt by going through all the incremental changes.

3. I understand that some presentation styles/modules are provided by users
and that they may have to be adapted for specific applications. At this point I
was a bit surprised that the dependencies between different modules are not
documented explicitly within the modules. E. g., when I tried to use the
"simpleslides" module with the "simpleslides-s-Boxed" layout, I did not find a
"required modules..." command that might have helped to see the problem.
This is different from the LaTeX mechanism to load required packages.
However, the reason might be that LaTeX depends much more on these
packages, so a strict mechanism is mandatory. Anyway, after you get used
to some typical modules in ConTeXt you might not miss this kind of strict rule...

4. The fact that my initial example starting with

> 1 \usemodule[s-pre-05]

crashed for s-pre-05 and most of the other s-pre-XX modules indicates that
such crashes have nothing to do with the decision to load modules from
other users. The s-pre-XX modules are part of the standalone ConTeXt
installation, my installation was fine, but a recent update of some mkiv
component was not compatible with luatex.

So what to do next? Load an earlier ConText version? Wait until this
problem is fixed? If the mkiv <-> luatex interaction is the reason for this
problem, the problems might not be restricted to some s-pre-XX
modules (that are unchanged since about two years...) ?

Thanks again

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