[NTG-context] Questions apon Questions

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Fri Aug 3 10:18:58 CEST 2012

Hi Everybody,

First off, my actual interest is in Lua(La)Tex. 

It seems that several key features of OpenType are not yet supported
by otfload. My direct interest would be GDEF and GPOS.

From my understanding of things is that such things are first developed on the
Context side the pulled in by LuaTeX.

I will be setting up a drive with a Mac OS, and the Context source distro, just to kept
things safe. I already have the LuaTeX source distro.

I have started into OT-Specifican 1.6.

I have started going top down into the lua source in the normal MacTeX 2012
distro. Just to learn how things are getting done.

So here are my Questions

	1) Is GDEF still not supported in font.loader

	2) Is GPOS still not supported in font.loader

	3)  Are there any Program Specifictions anywhere to be had
	      and where

	4)  Any Class diagrams, flow charts, UML or similar documentation
	     and where for font manager and even Context or LuaTeX

	5) Any of 3 and 4 in the source distribution?

	6) Is the font.loader mainly in Lua or C? (I have not gotten that far yet?)
           (only a couple hours of work done) 

	7)  Can I safely assume that at that there enough modularization in the code
	      sothat I can work bottom up? That is add thing needed to the font.loader{} and

	8) Is there any special natural language convention when discussing Context inorder to
	     differentiate between  OT-Font-Table and Lua-Tables and data structures?

I have self-taught myself LUA form the online reference(far from proficient though, but the lua 
sources for Context and LuaTeX will get me there fast or i will just fake it. Been around programming
since mid-eighties, Have learned some 20-30 programming languages( Pascal, Modula2, Cobol, PM-L, Prolog, LISP,
Perl, C, C++, Objective-C) just to mention a few. 

I think this is enough for now. Thanx in advance for any help and pointers.


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