[NTG-context] A strange problem, probably with \startitemize[columns]

Marcin Borkowski mbork at wmi.amu.edu.pl
Sun Jul 29 01:23:24 CEST 2012


I am a bit afraid to gain a nickname "the itemize-column guy", but it
seems that again there's a problem with this feature...  Unfortunately,
I did not manage to isolate the problem, so maybe it lies somewhere
completely else.  Anyway, sorry for spamming the list again with a
complete file of one of my documents (it's all Polish to most of you
anyway;)), but it compiles succesfully, but very strangely (it looks
like \vsize > \paperheight) on newest ConTeXt (it used to look just
fine about three weeks ago).

Any clues?

Marcin Borkowski
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