[NTG-context] Table of Contents & Section Numbering

Malte Harder me at malteharder.de
Tue Jul 10 01:31:15 CEST 2012

Dear all,

I'm quite new to ConTeXt and I'm just trying to set up a template for my 
first project. I'm using MkIV and the ConTeXt Standalone nightlies. I've 
encountered the problem that I was not able to create a table of 
contents (neither \placelist,\placecontents, with setuplist or without 
worked). I do not get any error, but there is also no list generated. I 
think, I tried every hint I found on this list.

At that point I thought it might be a problem with the version I'm using 
and upgraded to the latest beta. However the problem remains. I'm using 
the project features, frontmater/backmatter and custom headers, but also 
with everything turned off the placelist does not work? Does anybody 
know what the problem could be?

Another problem, which occured only with the latest nightlies, is that 
Chapters, Sections and Subsesctions all apparently share the same 
counter and simply count up from 1, so the first section has number 2 
instead of 1.1 and so on. Is this a temporary bug or did something 
change that needs specific setup?

Thanks in advance!

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