[NTG-context] wrong page numbers when using arranging

Pavel Dohnal pavel.dohnal at twobits.cz
Tue Jun 12 12:08:05 CEST 2012

I am using \setuparranging and it causes me an error in referencing to pages.
I want place number of page into text but this page number is wrong.
As you can see in attached example, "Chapter 2" is printed on page 3
but command \at prints page 4.
Could you please advise how to get the correct page number for
"Chapter 2"? That is page number 3?
Thank you
  Pavel Dohnal

\setuppapersize [A5][A4,landscape]

	Chapter 1 - \at[chapter1]\\
	Chapter 2 - \at[chapter2]\\
	Chapter 3 - \at[chapter3]\\
	Chapter 4 - \at[chapter4]\\
	Chapter 5 - \at[chapter5]\\

	\chapter[chapter1]{Chapter 1}
		{\input knuth }
	\chapter[chapter2]{Chapter 2}
		{\input knuth }
	\chapter[chapter3]{Chapter 3}
		{\input knuth }
	\chapter[chapter4]{Chapter 4}
		{\input knuth }
	\chapter[chapter5]{Chapter 5}
		{\input knuth }
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