[NTG-context] A problem with arranging pages

Marcin Borkowski mbork at wmi.amu.edu.pl
Tue Jun 5 22:56:39 CEST 2012

Dnia 2012-06-05, wto o godzinie 22:43 +0200, Marco pisze:
> On 2012-06-05 Marcin Borkowski <mbork at wmi.amu.edu.pl> wrote:
> > The leaflet is typeset in a
> > landscape orientation on an A6 sheet, and it is going to be printed 8
> > times on an A3 sheet.
> The same leaflet? Then you don't need \setuparranging
> \setuppapersize [A6,landscape] [A3]
> \setuppagenumbering [location=]
> \setupbackgrounds   [page] [background=color, backgroundcolor=gray]
> \setupbodyfont      [sans, 58pt]
> \setuplayout        [nx=2, ny=4, marking=on]
> \starttext
> \dorecurse{4}
>   {\null\vfill\centerline\recurselevel\vfill\null\page}
> \stoptext

Thanks a lot, it works like a charm!

> > 2. I'd like to get crop marks, in this case short (5mm) lines showing
> > where to cut the sheet, located near the borders, but *within* the
> > printable area.
> Since eight A6 pages exactly fit on one A3 page the crop marks can
> only be *inside* the printable area. That means with marking=on
> you'll see three marks in the middle of the page. When you also
> want them to show up at the page borders, you have to fire up
> MetaPost.

I was afraid of that...  Any ideas how to achieve it?  (I know a bit of
MetaPost, but I don't have any clue how to achieve this.)

> Marco


Marcin Borkowski

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