[NTG-context] Is there some easy way to do tufte-style side note?

Jano Kula jano.kula at gmail.com
Mon May 28 16:33:13 CEST 2012

Hello Andy,

On 05/27/2012 04:41 PM, Andy Thomas wrote:
> Hello Jano,
> On May 26, 2012, at 2:12 PM, Jano Kula wrote:
>> Hello Andy,
>> Side notes set ragged left (rigth justyfied) on left pages are quite difficult to read, I would make them ragged right (left justified) on all pages and.
> I guess you want to say [...]  it would [not] break the overall design at all ;) I like the look of ragged outer when just looking at a double page from far. It does make reading more difficult. I still cannot decide. In the end legibility should be more important, so ragged right is better like you said.

Sure, I wanted to say: "it would not break the overall design at all" :)

>> Just wondering, why is Optima-Regular embeded so many times?
> We wanted to have a sans serif font for the viewgraphs that matches the Palatino (orig. 1948). So we went for Optima (1952-1955 and also from Hermann Zapf). Wikipedia says "Optima's capitals (like Palatino's) are directly derived from the classic Roman monumental capital model [...]". I think, it does look good together. We also wanted a TeX Gyre font as main font, so that it is available on every system.

Of course a good choice, but I meant something different. When I have a 
look at the Properties of the document in the Adobe Reader or just list 
the fonts with "pdffonts" command on linux, then Optima-Regular is 
listed 141 times. Figure labels use sans serif, so I'm wondering why so 
many times the font is included.


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