[NTG-context] Asian Language Support

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue May 8 00:07:32 CEST 2012

On 7-5-2012 15:12, S Barmeier wrote:
> I am writing documents in English/Japanese.
> If you want to include English text, you probably need to define your
> own typescript (or use simplefonts), because most Japanese fonts have
> terrible Latin fonts...
> I can probably help you, if you tell me what exactly you need.
> If you're just typesetting Japanese text, you will need
> \setscript[hanzi] to enable linebreaks...
> And the rest is done by Unicode magic: just type away between \starttext
> and \stoptext

I uploaded a beta with preliminary Japanese script support.

% \enabletrackers[scripts.injections]

% \definefont[testfont][heiseikakugostd-w5][script=kana,language=jan]
\definefont[testfont][heiseiminstd-w3]   [script=kana,language=jan]




\hbox to 3em{国、『国』、『国』、『国』、『国』、『国』、}
\hbox to 3em{国:国:国:国:国:国:国:国:国:国}



A question for Yusuke: what script name should we use?

More (simple) examples are needed in order to get all relations between 
categories done (so, currently we still use a copy of chinese but with 
already a few japanese specific inter-character issues done).


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