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S Barmeier severinbarmeier at googlemail.com
Mon May 7 15:56:11 CEST 2012

Depending on your needs, p(La)TeX may be a quicker solution, if you can
afford to miss out on the benefits of ConTeXt. But that's just my opinion...

On 05/07/2012 10:17 PM, KUROKI Yusuke wrote:
> Hello, Henman,
> What the timing you choose to post this message!
> Several days ago, I, Japanese, firstly met Hans and had
> a lecture about Japanese typography and typesetting.
> Now it is the duration to prepare to think about Japanese
> typesetting in ConTeXt.  It is note that hanzi option of
> ConTeXt is ugly for Japanese typesetting, it must come from
> some Chinese typesetting custom.
> In TeX world, for well-customized Japanese typesetting,
> we usually use p(La)TeX developed by ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc.
> Since it has been already included TeX Live 2011 and now
> Cygwin distribute texlive-collection packages officially,
> you can use pTeX in Cygwin.
> Another alternative is to use LuaTeX-ja package through LuaTeX.
> The package is now distributed through CTAN and also upcoming
> TeX Live.
> Best,
> -- Yusuke.
> (2012/05/07 19:43), hwitloc at gmail.com wrote:
>> I live in Japan and fequently have the need to create documents in
>> Japanese.
>> I would like to stop using WYSIWYG type word processing and switch
>> over to TeX based systems.  I've been starting and am learning to use
>> ConTeXt but I've still a long way to go.
>> I want to ask if anyone has already gone through this and has a "How
>> to publish a Japanese language document using  ConTeXt"  or something
>> like that, unless it is incredibly easy to do.  I've not tried it yet,
>> but will tomorrow.  I wanted to write to the
>>   group first to see if this issue has already be solved or any other
>> input.
>> My current platform environment is not ideal, but using Cygwin on a
>> Japanese XP Windows box.  I've not had any problems with English
>> documents.
>> Regards,
>>     Henman  (hwitloc)
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