[NTG-context] hvdm-exm module fails

Martin martin.althoff at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 18:16:46 CEST 2012


I am trying to make use of the "hvdm-exm" module for a series of tests 
and that fails.

Below is the basic code I am using. As I could not find a usage sample, 
I might have it wrong. It fails with \startexam as "undefined" and an 
internal message that it seems to have a language problem (WARNING ? 
unknown -- current language en tried). Looking into the file 
hvdm-exm.tex I can find the source of the error message, but it's beyond 
me to really understand what's going on. My ConTeXt is updated as of 
today (30.4.2012).

I updated the core file "hvdm-exm.tex" to the 2010-11-17 version but 
that has no obvious influence.

Also checked permissions (just to be sure, folders 755, files 644) and 
fixed them with no impact. Afterall, the files are all loaded.

Help would be much appreciated.


%  \question[score=3]{question1}

Source for module:

Excerpt of the log:

languages       > language en is active
resolvers       > modules > loaded: 'hvdm-exm'
HVDM-EXM        > exam module $Id:: hvdm-exm.tex 57 2010-11-17##$
resolvers       > modules > loaded: 'hvdm-rng'
HVDM-RNG        > random generator module version 2006-08-12
resolvers       > modules > loaded: 'hvdm-lst'
HVDM-LST        > list module version 2006-08-09
resolvers       > modules > already loaded: 'hvdm-rng'
HVDM            > WARNING ? unknown -- current language en tried
! Undefined control sequence.

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