[NTG-context] Uncovering Slides in a Presentation with Progress Meter

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Fri Apr 27 00:56:54 CEST 2012

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, Troy Henderson wrote:

> I am trying to uncover content within an itemized list, and I am using
> \phantom to get the desired effect.  However, I would like to tweak
> the progress meter to consider these "pages" as the same instead of
> separate.  I am pasting a minimal example below, and I would like to
> know if
> (1) there is a more "standard" way (instead of using \phantom) of
> uncovering the second item in the itemized list

See s-pre-60.mkiv for a javascript based stepper and s-pre-61.mkiv for 
usage example (at the end).

Paul Isambert also has a javascript based stepper in the lecturer package 
but that package does not work with ConTeXt MkIV.

Personally, I find javascript based steppers to be unreliable as they 
don't work on all viewers. I either use \phantom or don't include the text 
at all. (I posted my stepping macros on the list a few days back).

There was also an r-steps module on the wiki, but that is almost 8-10 
years old, so it is unlikely that it will work without significant 

> (2) the progress meter can be modified to illustrate 3 (instead of 4)
> total pages AND not have the progress meter change between pages 2 and
> 3 (since I want to view them as the same "page")

I don't know which counter the interaction menu uses. You can try to 
decrement the userpage counter (\decrement[userpage]) and see if it works.

Ideally, each step should be a subpage and the userpage counter should 
only increment on a new slide.

If you do not need the interaction part of the interaction menu, but just 
need a visual progress meter, you can look at my visualcounter package:


For an example see http://www.ece.mcgill.ca/~amahaj1/talks/gerad-2012.pdf 
(the theme is inspired from one of Hans's styles).

Thomas and I also use different progress meters in the simpleslides 
module which are written in metapost. The visual-counter module is based 
on the code in simpleslids, but is a separate module so it can be included 
in other documents as well.


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