[NTG-context] FLOWcharts - connector line length?

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Thu Apr 26 22:08:13 CEST 2012

Hi Mari,

as Marco said, the distance key is the dx/dy parameter.

It is not possible to make cells spanning more than one column. This is related to the fact that the cells are on a grid. It is also not possible to have cells on e.g. half way down/left/right.

Indeed this is a very useful module. Setting up a proper flowchart gives great insight in e.g. processes, workflows and alike. I have built many charts for the meat-processing industry. 
The advantage of this module is that you can number the cell relatively. Only the first cell has an explicit position. So if you have to insert new cells you have to look only for cells which could be outside of the grid, but that is easier than to walk through the whole chart and renumber the cells.


      \location {3,1}
      \text{Begin\\ decisiontree}
   \stopFLOWcell{\bf }

      \location {+0,+1}  % x,y


On 26 Apr 2012, at 09:30, Mari Voipio wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just fallen in love with the chart module, my first flowchart is
> almost done. I'll never draw these "by hand" again... Besides, it
> seems that the chart module forces me to do flowcharts "right", that
> should help with consistency and legibility. Now I just have to read a
> bit on how to do charts properly!
> I've figured out about text font and box sizes and making connections
> and all that, but there's one important question that I just can't
> seem to find the answer for: how do I adjust the connector line
> length? My labels just don't fit between the boxes and I'd have a
> whole A4 for a ny=5 flowchart, so I'd have space...
> (Oh, the other question is: is there a way to span a cell across
> several slots on the grid? If not, I can deal with *that*, the line is
> a lot more of a problem.)
> Thank you in advance,
> Mari
> (apparently in the "expand your ConTeXt skills" mode this week)
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