[NTG-context] Is there some easy way to do tufte-style side note?

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 22 10:17:37 CEST 2012

Am 22.04.2012 um 09:33 schrieb S Barmeier:

> On 04/22/2012 04:16 PM, Yue Wang wrote:
>> Dear powerful ConTeXt users:
>> Is there some way to do tufte style side notes? I googled and did
>> found Wolfgang's solution
> (http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20110906.202722.f501f115.en.html)
>> but it's just too simple and cannot be used for production. Side notes
>> will cluttered or fall out of pages.
>> LaTeX does provide a good solution for this style. I am wondering if
>> this is possible to do in context.
>> I am also curious to know simple way to do multiple float style in
>> ConTeXt (like graphics spanning text and margin and many others).
>> Yue Wang
> Well, I am no powerful ConTeXt user, but \inmargin and derivatives
> (\inouter \ininner \inright \inleft) have an option stack=yes to avoid
> overlapping and stack=continue to avoid ... overlapping. As I understand
> it, the former is for shorter margin notes, the latter for use with
> paragraph-sized notes.
> There is also \startmarginblock ... \stopmarginblock and it exceed my
> ConTeXt user powers to be able to tell you the difference. My guess is,
> that this type of margin note is a block, which maybe enjoys features of
> textblocks...? But I, too, would be interested to understand the
> difference in any detail.
> I also use margin notes extensively (or at least hope the final version
> of my document will be able to), but as of now, there seems to be no way
> to float margin notes to the top/bottom of the page and no way to
> prevent longer notes, attached to a line near the bottom of a page, to
> exceed the margin and be typeset even beyond the page boundaries...
> (Forgive me, if I'm wrong).

All of the mechanisms are added at different times in the process to make from text a page.

Margindata (\inmargin etc.) is added to the line where you have it in your
and doesn’t move from this position but you prevent overlapping of two
different texts in the line with “stack=yes”.

Marginblocks are added after ConTeXt has finished the entire page.

As you can see in the example below it’s possible to have text
at different levels on the same position.


\setupnote    [footnote][location=none]



\inright[color=red]{Paragraph 1}

\input knuth\footnote{Footnote 1}

\input ward

\inright[color=red]{Paragraph 2}

\input knuth



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