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Mon Apr 16 22:13:12 CEST 2012

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 12:27 PM, Jaroslav Hajtmar <hajtmar at gyza.cz> wrote:

> Thanks Mojca for comments.
> I agree that the output format can be set as needed (a lots of time of
> experimentation). But I needed a special sort of bibliographic items
> (numbering according to their occurrence in the text) and that I have
> unfortunately failed. For average amateurs are code modifications beyond
> its capabilities.
> I just want to say that ConTeXt is absolutely amazing tool, but sometimes
>  without professional advice the desired result is unattainable.
> When time is pressed and help not comming, sometimes a lot can be
> stressful. However, to not complaint BUT it is the mere statement. This
> conference is above standard and willing to help to laity.
FWIW, I decided to just hand-write all the (MLA-style) citations in my
masters thesis.

In case you are not too far into your writing, an option would be to use
pandoc which has CSL support. There are multiple MLA styles for CSL (
http://zotero.org/styles), though I have no idea if they are good for your
purpose. This would be the equivalent of pre-rendering your citations as
you translate from Markdown to Context. So by Context they should already
be plain-text and require little or no special handling (you might need to
add a command to make the bibliography at the end of 'overhanging').
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