[NTG-context] doublesided PDF - first and last page singlesided

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Mon Apr 16 13:29:08 CEST 2012


some were guessing, what I want to achieve.

I made a screenshot for you:


It ist the online-version of a printed book. For printing it 
was ok to have one bookpage on one sheet of paper.
For the online-version I want to have two bookpages on one 
sheet of paper
     but the coverpage should be alone on one sheet of paper.

The online-version is a PDF ... no html.
"sheet of paper" is of course only virtualy meant ... it is 

The difficulty is that there a bunch of (hyperlinked) 
cross-references in the book ... so people can use the pdf 
Without this I could put the pages manualy together.

Hope that now you know what I want to do.
And I am hoping very much for a solution ...

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