[NTG-context] doublesided PDF - first and last page singlesided

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Mon Apr 16 00:17:38 CEST 2012

I was lucky to get a fast answer - but with your code I 
don't get the right result:

  -- start your code

First page
\null \page


  -- stop

With your code I get:

1 2      first page of the pdf
3 4      second
5 6      third
7 8      fourth

But I want to get:

1         first page of the pdf (coverpage)
2 3      second
4 5      third
6 7      fourth
8         fifth (coverpage)

I know how to use with modes - but the answer must be an other.

Maybe I have to explain it more clearly:

on the first PDF-Page (A5) there should be only the 
cover-page (page 1)

      \setuparranging[1SIDE]%<- I don't know how to write it - nothing was working

On the second PDF-Page there should be page 2 and page 3


It must be a problem lot's of people have when they make a 
book with ConTeXt
and want to make a second PDF-version for the Internet.

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