[NTG-context] MLA Bibliography

Pontus Lurcock pont at talvi.net
Thu Apr 12 09:57:54 CEST 2012

On Tue 10 Apr 2012, Kip Warner wrote:

> I'd like to use an MLA style bibliography with MKIV. The style is
> available here:
> www.reed.edu/cis/help/latex/bibtexstyles.html
> Actually, it doesn't matter to me whether it is that one or any that
> supports MLA already that ships with ConTeXt.

Unfortunately I don't think that either option is viable: ConTeXt
doesn't come with an MLA style as far as I know, and you can't just
drop in a BST because ConTeXt doesn't use BibTeX to typeset
bibliographies (it just uses it as a preprocessor to convert .bib
files into its own \startpublication ... \stoppublication format).

> In my environment file, I tried the following:
> \setuppublications[alternative=mla]

The available styles are listed in bibmod-doc.pdf and you can also
find them in tex/texmf-context/tex/context/bib ; MLA isn't amongst

> How can I use an MLA bibliography?

Unfortunately you'll probably have to define the style yourself using
\setupcite and \setuppublicationlayout -- see bibmod-doc.pdf for
details and the existing bibliography styles for guidance.

Hope this helps,


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