[NTG-context] gnuplot not working

John Devereux john at devereux.me.uk
Wed Apr 11 11:00:18 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Is there a problem with gnuplot? I get an error with the minimal example
on the wiki. I think the generated .plt file has an error; it works if I
manually delete the "fontscale 1" bit and run context on

Using latest beta, tried with current official gnuplot as well as
mojca-patched version.




# Do not modify this file - all changes will be overwritten
# Change test.tex instead.
set terminal context size 5in,3in fontscale 1 
load 'test-gnuplot-inclusions.tmp'
set output "test-gnuplot-1-ctx.tex"
load 'test-gnuplot-1.tmp'



% write a script for gnuplot
   plot sin(x)

% include the resulting graphic into the document



mtx-context     | run 1: luatex --fmt="/home/jd/context/tex/texmf-cache/luatex-cache/context/2448223e6631addb83df348d74153606/formats/cont-en" --lua="/home/jd/context/tex/texmf-cache/luatex-cache/context/2448223e6631addb83df348d74153606/formats/cont-en.lui" --backend="pdf" "./test.tex" \stoptext
This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.70.1-2011051923 (rev 4277) 
 \write18 enabled.

ConTeXt  ver: 2012.04.06 23:08 MKIV  fmt: 2012.4.7  int: english/english

system          > cont-new.mkiv loaded
system          > beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.mkiv
system          > test.top loaded
fonts           > latin modern fonts are not preloaded
languages       > language en is active
resolvers       > modules > loaded: 'gnuplot'
loading         > Gnuplot module
fonts           > typescripts > unknown: library 'loc'
mtxrun          |
mtxrun          | executing: gnuplot test-gnuplot-1.plt
mtxrun          |
mtxrun          |
aaa             > mtxrun --direct gnuplot test-gnuplot-1.plt
! Missing number, treated as zero.

system          > tex > error on line 0 in file : Missing number, treated as zero ...

<empty file>

<to be read again> 
\doprocessGNUPLOTfile ...OTnumber \zerocount \let 
                                                  \normalstarttikzpicture =\...
<argument> ...NUPLOTfile [sin][\@@GNUPLOTresult ]}
                                                  \doif {\@@GNUPLOTterminal ...
\firstofoneargument #1->#1
<argument> ...}\writeandprocessGNUPLOTscript {sin}
                                                  \doifelse {\@@GNUPLOTtermi...
\firstoftwoarguments #1#2->#1
<*> ./test.tex \stoptext


John Devereux

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