[NTG-context] Index setup

Jeff Smith ascarel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 03:18:36 CEST 2012

Hi all!

Better late than never, you'll say, because I've just started using
MkIV... :-) I have some troubles setupping an index and the options I
try using from the (old) ConTeXt manual don't help or seem to have no

So basically, I have this:












That works. But I'm trying to do two things here and I'll be damned if
the info can be found somewhere. I've tried my best to find it, but to
no avail... So:

1) I'd like a single list with no blank lines in between letters (I've
already removed the indicator, but I'm stuck there).

2) I'm trying to align the pagenumber on the right side of the column.
Should be easy, but...?!

I'm truly sorry if these questions are easy to answer, but I'm
clueless here, alas! And hey, I've recently completed a thesis that
was wholly done with MKII. I do know I'm way behind the times! :-)

Thanks in advance,

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