[NTG-context] Citation of two books with extra information

Pontus Lurcock pont at talvi.net
Tue Apr 3 21:40:20 CEST 2012

On Tue 03 Apr 2012, Steffen Fritzsche wrote:

> Hi all,
> is it possible to cite two books and include page information for each of them. To give an example I'm looking for something like
> \cite[extras={, p. 123}, extras={, p. 456}][BookOne:2000, BookTwo:1900]
> which should be processed as
> (BookOne Authors, 2000, p. 123 and BookTwo Authors, 1900, p. 456)
> This does not work because the first "extras" is overridden with the second. It's possible to append Information to the second citation but not to the first or to both. Any suggestions how I might achieve this?

I don't know if there's a ‘proper’ solution, but you can work around it
by building it up manually from bare citations -- something like

(\nakedcite[BookOne:2000], p. 123 and \nakedcite[BookTwo:1900], p. 456)

That's a starting point at least -- if you need more convenience you can
think about defining your own macro in terms of \nakedcite .

Hope this helps,


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