[NTG-context] [***SPAM***] Custom TOC problem

Michał Goliński golinski at amu.edu.pl
Mon Apr 2 11:57:30 CEST 2012


this is the first time I am writing here so let me just say a big THANK 
YOU for all the awesome work everyone is doing.

Now, to the point. I have been trying to customize table of contents 
with my own commands, yet I get an error that might be from within 
ConTeXt. The cutomary minimal example follows:

\define[3]\M{#3 some  #2 magic #1}


and the error from the log:

ConTeXt  ver: 2012.03.30 16:16 MKIV  fmt: 2012.4.2  int: 


! Argument of \M has an extra }.

Best regards
Michał Goliński

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