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Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 2 22:40:50 CEST 2012

Am 01.04.2012 um 23:03 schrieb Thomas A. Schmitz:

> hi all,
> would a kind soul please enlighten me about the new footnote commands? I can't find a way to achieve what I was able to achieve in older versions. The following code is on the wiki. It is supposed to give us the footnote marker aligned with the text area, then some blank space, then the footnote text:
> \definepapersize[wiki][width=8cm,height=8cm]
> \setuppapersize[wiki][wiki]
> \starttext
> \showframe
> \setupnote[footnote][margindistance=0em,command=\myfootnotecommand]
> \setupnotation[footnote][location=left,hang=1]
> \def\myfootnotecommand#1{\hbox to 1.5em{#1.}}
> test \footnote{test}
> \stoptext

  [  alternative=left,

\starttext \showframe

test \footnote{\input ward }


> It doesn't work with the current beta, and I' completely lost about
> \setupnote[footnote]

WIth \setupnote you can control the layout of the note block, e.g. to use columns or to change the rule.

> \setupnotation[footnote]

With \setupnotation you can control the layout of the footnote entry, it uses the same code as enumerations/descriptions and provides the same keys.

> \setupfootnotes

\setupfootnotes == \setupnote[footnote]


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