[NTG-context] setupinterlinespace top and height relations

Eidenbenz Michael eidenbenz at arch.ethz.ch
Mon Apr 2 17:56:14 CEST 2012

hi all,

As a grid system fetishist, I  would like to align the top of my first line with the top of the layout frame. 
Using try and error (still a context newbie) I managed this by "\setupinterlinespace [height=.5, top=.7]". 

this seems strange to me, because i was expecting that the argument top is the only one that controls \topskip.

Is there a graphic that shows the relation between the arguments of setupinterlinespace?

best michael

\setupbodyfont			[palatino, 10pt]
\setupinterlinespace		[height=.5, top=.7]
\input zapf

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