[NTG-context] Strange errors on using setupheader

Malte Stien malte at stien.de
Fri Mar 30 11:35:36 CEST 2012

Hi again,

After I had some issues with \externalfigure, Hans suggested to me that I use a newer version of ConTeXt. So, rather than using the latest current (which seems to be from May 2011)

  ConTeXt  ver: 2011.05.18 18:04 MKIV  fmt: 2011.12.6  int: english/english

I am not using the latest beta

  ConTeXt  ver: 2012.03.29 11:28 MKIV  fmt: 2012.3.29  int: english/english

However, as it turns out, the document I am working on is no longer processed without errors. I butchered my document to isolate the error and come up with a (close to) minimal example:

% Use UTF encoding

% Set English as the language

% Select A4 as the paper size

% Setup the header...
\setupheader[leftwidth=.5\hsize, rightwidth=.4\hsize]


\chapter{Purpose and Scope}
This document should be read in conjunction with bla bla bla...


I get the following error when processing with the aforementioned version:

<argument> doifelsemarking("\ascii 
\ctxcommand #1->\directlua \zerocount {commands.#1
\page_layouts_process_element_single_limited ...i 
                                                  {\limitatetext {\getmarkin...
\page_layouts_process_element_single_indeed ...#4}
                                                  \fi \endgroup 
\page_layouts_process_element_single ...#1#2#3{#4}
<argument> ...\layoutelementparameter \c!lefttext 
                                                  \hss }\hskip -\makeupwidth...
l.18 \chapter{Purpose and Scope}

Strangely enough, all works well when I remove (or comment) the \setupheader line. Is there anything strange I am doing here? Should work, right?

Any pointers would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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