[NTG-context] simple graphics, Metafun vs. ConTeXt

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 25 09:50:17 CEST 2012

Am 25.03.2012 um 04:41 schrieb S Barmeier:

> On 03/23/2012 03:11 AM, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> On 22-3-2012 15:09, S Barmeier wrote:
>>> I have leaved through the ConTeXt and MetaFun manuals on the search for
>>> examples of graphics resembling the attached file which I created in
>>> TikZ.
>>> I was wanting to switch to something more native to ConTeXt, but haven't
>>> quite found a way of realising it in ConTeXt or MetaFun.
>>> Maybe someone would be so kind as to point me to the right section in
>>> the manual.
>>> All I want is to define text boxes (of a fixed size) to fill them with a
>>> background colour and (centred, typeset) text. Do I need MetaFun for
>>> that, or should some table/framed text environment in ConTeXt be able to
>>> do that?
>> this can be done with \bTABLE .. \eTABLE
> This works as expected, thank you Wolfgang and Hans. I am putting these
> tables in the margin, though, and neither stack=yes nor stack=continue
> prevent two of them from overlapping. Is there some casing for the table
> so that they won't overlap? Also, rather than the top, the bottom of the
> table is aligned with the line containing the \inmargin command... but
> maybe this will be fixed by a solution to the overlapping?

You can fix the alignment of the table with the \toplinebox command.


  {\inmargin[stack=continue]{\toplinebox{\bTABLE[height=12mm,width=10mm]\bTR\bTD 1\eTD\bTD 2\eTD\eTR\bTR\bTD 3\eTD\bTD 4\eTD\eTR\eTABLE}}
   \input ward\par}



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