[NTG-context] Formatting Indexed Words Within the Text

Malte Stien malte at stien.de
Sat Mar 24 05:19:42 CET 2012


I got a few responses for this. Thank you to all of you. I ended up using the code below. Works a treat. And yes, apologies. The square brackets were a typo; of course they should have been curly.

Thank you again.

On 24/03/2012, at 0:01, ntg-context-request at ntg.nl wrote:

> One way is to use your own macro:
> \def\MyIndex#1{\index{#1}{\sc #1}}
> \starttext
> There are some \MyIndex{ducks} in the zoo.
> \stoptext
> By the way, your \index[ducks] didn't work for me the way I thought you wanted; I changed the [] to {} and added the word to the text body.  As far as I can tell, \index only adds entries to the index register and not to the text.

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