[NTG-context] howto execute loaded xml?

Meer, H. van der H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Thu Mar 22 13:04:24 CET 2012

It took hours (some far in the night) to solve. Finally. I am posting this message just in case someone starts delving into it.

Still standing is the problem of \xmlcommand not obeying the attribute selection but generating an error: \xmlcommand{#1}{path[@attrib==whatever]}{command}

Hans van der Meer

On 21 mrt. 2012, at 10:29, Meer, H. van der wrote:

The output was missing in my previous post. Sorry. Here it is.

Hans van der Meer

On 21 mrt. 2012, at 10:27, H. van der Meer wrote:

I made a minimal example showing that load'ed xml is not typeset. In contrast to the first <text>-node the second comes out as xml and not as typeset text.

What has to be done to change that?
Thanks in advance.

Hans van der Meer


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