[NTG-context] Request to help categorizing commands on wiki

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Thu Mar 22 02:44:02 CET 2012

 > Jan Heinen did some heaving wiki editing in order to 
achieve better
 > categorization of different topics on the wiki.

 > One particular part where your help would be welcome is a 
big number
 > of different commands listed here:
 >    http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Category:Commands
 > It would be great to assign one or more categories to 
each command.

 >    Mojca

I hope we get some help of all the people around here that 
use ConTeXt.
With organizing existing information we can improve the 
documentation of ConTeXt and help beginners and maybe also 

Woutld be nice if everyone who gets help from this 
mailinglist gives a little back to ConTeXt :-) This was my 
motivation to engage for the documentation.

You can count on me :-)


Better organization and integration of all ConTeXT-information:

http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Category:ConTeXt  ............ 
All information arround ConTeXt

http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Category:Commands ........ 

!!! new: "One-Click" from every command in the wiki to the 
rich resources of the ConTeXt-mailinglist

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