[NTG-context] Custom itemize Symbols

Malte Stien malte at stien.de
Wed Mar 21 10:19:03 CET 2012

Hi all,

Is there a way to define your own itemize symbols? I would like a solid square, as in symbol 8 (referring to Table 10.1 in the Context Manual, but solid/filled whereas 8 is hollow.

I tried to declare my own bullet point, as in:

 \def\squarebullet{\vrule height .9ex width .8ex depth -.1ex } % square bullet

and then tried to use it in the \startitemize command, but it appears that command does not take commands as its first argument:

 \startitemize[\squarebullet, packed]
 \item foo
 \item baz

So here goes that idea. Other idea was to use \sym{\squarebullet}. That actually works, however, the problem is that it needs to be specified for the individual bullet point. I need something that can be specified in \setupitemize, such that my writers get that symbol automatically without having any control over it.

Any ideas?


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