[NTG-context] Request to help categorizing commands on wiki

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 07:28:32 CET 2012

Dear ConTeXters,

Jan Heinen did some heaving wiki editing in order to achieve better
categorization of different topics on the wiki.

One particular part where your help would be welcome is a big number
of different commands listed here:
It would be great to assign one or more categories to each command.

Sure, many commands are (still) missing, but once commands are
categorized, it will be a lot easier to concentrate on - say -
describing just interaction/color/font commands at once, and also to
keep adding missing commands. The list of all commands together will
be assembled later (once commands are categorized).

All uncategorized commands are on top category Commands. Please
replace that one with [[Category:Command/Some Category|commandname]]
(or more than that) and in case that you need to create a new
category, please add at least [[Category:Commands|Some Category]] to
that Category page.

Thanks a lot for help,

PS: Text to the right of "|" in Category:*|  is used for sorting (else
all commands would end up under "C" for "Command/Whatevercommand").

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