[NTG-context] new footnotes

Honza Hejzl honza.hejzl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 08:55:17 CET 2012


I have tested those „new“ commands for footnotes and it seems some of
them don't work properly. I like footnotes' numbers aligned to the
left side of the main text. On wiki is:


This simply does not work. I have combined location, alternative and
page parameter in both commands, \setupnotation as well as \setupnote,
nothing works now for me. The second bad thing is it ignores my
numbercommands. It was easy to use it before when I needed numbers as
not-indexed or in case I have whole notes and numbers as sans.

In source for mkiv I see:


... but simple \setupnotes[location=page] does nothing.

Is the work still in progress or am I missing something?

Thanks, Honza

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