[NTG-context] Integration of all the information around ConTeXt

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Fri Mar 16 18:19:18 CET 2012

At step 5 (see below) please delete

But only when you write a new category.

And I just got the proof for my book ... it looks great!!!!!


----- Copy -----


with the help of ConTeXt and the ConTeXt-Mailinglist I 
successfully have generated a book which will be printed 
next week :-)

Thankl you - everyone!

And now I would like to give something back to ConTeXt :-)

There is a lot of information around ConTeXt: Material of 
Hans Hagen, this very dynamic Mailinglist/Forum, the 
command-reference-list of Wolfgang Schuster and the 
Contextgarden-Wiki. I think the best what I can do for 
ConTeXt is helping to structure, organize and integrating 
the huge amount of existing information.

And the wiki ist a very good place to do al this work.

Since several years I am running an own wiki with mediawiki.

After informing Hans, Taco and Mojca Miklavec, I no have 
started, to rename all the commands from reference/en/... to 
command/... The .htaccess takes care, that all the old names 
will be forwarded to the new names. Then I have build a 
startting-category: "ConTeXt" and every subcategory is a 
branch of it. So we have a tree with all the 
wiki-information starting at "ConTeXt". You can find this 
startingpoint on http://www.contextgarden.net on the right 
side: Categories. I have started to organize the 
sub-categories ... but everyone who likes ConTeXt is invited 
to improve the wiki.

A very good help would be:

All the commands of context (more than 500) are in one huge 
category:commands For the users it would be usefull to build 
subcategories for the commands.

1. login (or first register on contextgarden.net)

2. Go to a command, e.g. command/about: 

3. Click on edit (top of page)
4. go to the bottom of the source-code
5. add to
[[category:xxx]]     xxx = new name or existing name
6. save the changes
7. now you can see the category at the bottom of the page.
8. if it is red - click on it
9. then write
to link it to the tree,

I hope lot's of you help at least a little bit ... it's fun 
:-) And it's for ConTeXt.


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