[NTG-context] Integration of all the information around ConTeXt

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Fri Mar 16 13:24:23 CET 2012


with the help of ConTeXt and the ConTeXt-Mailinglist I 
successfully have generated a book which will be printed 
next week :-)
Thankl you - everyone!

And now I would like to give something back to ConTeXt :-)

There is a lot of information around ConTeXt: Material of 
Hans Hagen, this very dynamic Mailinglist/Forum, the 
command-reference-list of Wolfgang Schuster  and the 

I think the best what I can do for ConTeXt is helping to 
structure, organize and integrating the huge amount of 
existing information.
And the wiki ist a very good place to do al this work.

Since several years I am running an own wiki with mediawiki.
After informing Hans, Taco and Mojca Miklavec, I no have 
started, to rename all the commands from reference/en/... to 
The .htaccess takes care, that all the old names will be 
forwarded to the new names.

Then I have build a startting-category: "ConTeXt" and every 
subcategory is a branch of it. So we have a tree with all 
the wiki-information starting at "ConTeXt". You can find 
this startingpoint on http://www.contextgarden.net on the 
right side: Categories.
I have started to organize the sub-categories ... but 
everyone who likes ConTeXt is invited to improve the wiki.

A very good help would be:
All the commands of context (more than 500) are in one huge 
For the users it would be usefull to build subcategories for 
the commands.

1. login (or first register on contextgarden.net)
2. Go to a command, e.g. command/about: 
3. Click on edit (top of page)
4. go to the bottom of the source-code
5. add to
[[category:xxx]]     xxx = new name or existing name
6. save the changes
7. now you can see the category at the bottom of the page.
8. if it is red - click on it
9. then write
to link it to the tree,

I hope lot's of you help at least a little bit ... it's fun 
:-) And it's for ConTeXt.


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