[NTG-context] \attributedef not working?

Meer, H. van der H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Wed Mar 14 15:38:36 CET 2012

Sorry, my fault. Just found out that the attribute sought is residing in another tree. Understandably the attribute is not found when the wrong root is taken. Thus \attributedef does its thing.

Now I have to find out how reference that other tree.

Hans van der Meer

On 14 mrt. 2012, at 15:24, Meer, H. van der wrote:

Processing xml I get with: \writestatus{************}{\xmlattributedef{#1}{.}{default}{???}}
output: ************    > ???

and \writestatus{************}{\xmlattribute{#1}{.}{default}} has no attribute output

but with: \writestatus{************}{\xmlattdef{#1}{default}{???}}
output: ************    > mydefault

Is something amiss with \xmlattribute and \xmlattributedef?
I need these in order to get an attribute from a node higher up in the xml-tree.

Hans van der Meer

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