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William Adams will.adams at frycomm.com
Wed Mar 7 17:30:15 CET 2012

On Mar 7, 2012, at 3:34 AM, Nicola wrote:

> It's worse than pre-TeX printed books. Which makes me wonder: is anyone in the 
> world addressing this? Are there people in the TeX community involved in the 
> standardization processes (say, Epub3, but also the various W3C specifications), 
> who could push forward ideas from TeX, like minimum requirements for the 
> algorithms that rendering engines should use? These questions (together with 
> sighs) arise every time I see a web page especially with mathematical notation…

The problem is, since the rendering is based on HTML, people just grab a web browser framework and build on that to make an ebook viewer.

Here's a post I wrote up once comparing a specific ePub display on a specific viewing program w/ a hand-tweaked Plain TeX version:


> those who're curious may find it educational to compare my .pdf w/ this ePub version to see the sort of typographic infelicities which even in the best ePub version can't be controlled for --- 

>  - one word last lines
>  - # of lines on a page constantly changing to prevent widows / orphans
>  - overly loose line on the middle of pg. 20
>  - 3 word stack on pg. 21 (meditation/Meditation)
>  - 2 word stack on pg. 32 (black)
>  - 2 word stack on pg. 37 (the) Twice!
>  - six word river on pg. 40 (the/their/the/the/its/we)
>  - 2 word stacks on pg. 40 (a & We)
>  - 3 word stack on pg. 46 (the/the/The)
>  - 2 word stack on pg. 47 (a)
>  - awkward break at the bottom of the first page of Chapter VII where the poem is referred to, but appears on the following page

> (when viewed in Sony's ebook viewing program)). In the .pdf I believe there were only one or two places where I let two word stacks stand (because they were intractable) --- will have to try again using xetex and margin protrusion and character expansion (I'd used DEK's macro for hanging punctuation from _The TeXbook_).


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