[NTG-context] Bug in ConTeXt? Conflict in titles, sections and bibliography (was bibliography problems)

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Sat Mar 3 09:44:00 CET 2012

Hello ConTeXist.
I present an bug with which I have been seeing over the last few 
versions of Context.
In collaboration with Thomas, who helped me find the perfect minimal 
example, I managed to finally find out what is the core of my problem. 
But it is perhaps deeper than at first glance. Bibliographic system is 
today (last version of standalone) in conflict with results of \title 
and \section commands.

I show in the example below, how strange it works ConTeXt, while using 
inserting of the bibliography together with title and section commands.

I want show three cases of behavior of ConTeXt:

As you see below then:

1. When document is both without Title and without Section (both 
commands are commented) then you see a problem with list of bibliography 
- list of figures and list of bibliography are mixed.

2. When document is with Title (uncomment \title command) then you see 
that bibliography is not working. You get errors in bibliography links 
and ConTeXt do not include list of bibliography.

3. When document is with Section (uncomment \section command) then you 
see that all is working now without any problems - links are right and 
list of bibliography is correct too.

Additionally, you can track down and how it behaves ConTeXt when 
inserting figure with or without captions (in case 1).

It really is a bug somewhere or doing something wrong?

Thanx Jaroslav

Here is minimal example:

\setuppublications[alternative=ams, sorttype=cite]


%\section{Section} % When you uncomment this line you see, that 
everything is OK, both bibliography links and list of bibliography works 
\title{Title} % When you uncomment this line you see, that bibliobraphy 
links are broken and ConTeXt do not include list of bibliography

Citations are \cite[hh2010b] and \cite[hh2010a].

\placefigure[force][fig1]{Caption of figure \cite[Eijkhout1991] with 
citation} % get "mixing" problem

% \placefigure[force, none][fig1]{} % Figure without caption - no 
problem with bibliography (both links and "mixing")
%            {\externalfigure[fig1]}

%\placefigure[force][fig1]{Caption of figure without citation} % you 
see, that problem does not depend on whether the citation is inserted or not
%           {\externalfigure[fig1]}



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