[NTG-context] Formula number conversion

Jean-Philippe Rey jean-philippe.rey at ecp.fr
Fri Feb 24 10:09:31 CET 2012

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with formula numbering in relation with a customized section conversion set. I am using ConTeXt current 

 ConTeXt  ver: 2011.05.18 18:04 MKIV  fmt: 2011.7.31  int: english/english

Here is a minimal example

\placeformula[f1]   % The formula is numbered (1.1) instead of (A.1)
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
The famous formula \in[f1] % The reference correctly appears as A.1

I tried different options to \setupformulas but could not get the formula number right. Could someone give me the right setting.


Jean-Philippe Rey                 Professeur - École Centrale Paris
jean-philippe.rey at ecp.fr          92295 Châtenay-Malabry Cedex - France

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