[NTG-context] error with m-database example

Martin martin.althoff at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 16:06:25 CET 2012

Sorry to pick up an old topic 
but I seem to have the same problem with m-database at mentioned in this 
old thread.

I am trying to "freely" use the data fields in a layout other than 
(natural) Tables.

An update of context (15.2.2012) doesn't help.

The example from the CSV MyWay fails as well as the simplified example 
below with following error:

\doprocessdatabase ...ameter \c!command \!!es , }}
l.14 \stopAddressen

Modifying m-database.lua as suggested in the old thread seems to have no 
effect on the error... Though I suspect the file has been changed since 

Thanks for any input, Martin

Code used:







using the variant doesn't help:


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