[NTG-context] Simpleslides crash

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 06:09:33 CET 2012

On 12 févr. 2012, at 23:34, Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:

>> […]
> Hi Otared and all,
> I have just uploaded a new version of simpleslides which should work with the latest beta. Thankfully, Aditya has fixed the issue with the namespace handling which has made the module incompatible with the latest betas. Since Aditya and I have been taking the module into a somewhat different direction and added some experimental code to our development branch, it was a bit difficult to provide a "stable" version of the module, so we'd be very grateful if you (and of course others) could take this version for a test drive and provide feedback. We would love to say that this version is "guaranteed" to work with the current beta 2012-02-08 and then take up development from here.
> All best
> Thomas

Hi Thomas and Aditya,

Many thanks to both of you for uploading a new version of your module.
I installed it with ConTeXt version 2012.02.08, and after doing
	context --generate
	context --make --all
I tried the following minimal example, which results in an error (see below)

%%%% begin talk-test.tex

  [title={Testing SimpleSlides},
   author={A.U. Thor},



%\stoptext % the title page is typeset correctly

\SlideTitle{First slide}

This module is written by Thomas and Aditya.

%%%% end talk-test.tex

The first page (the title page) is typeset correctly if one uncomment the first « %\stoptext » in the above lines (well, it is not anymore midaligned, but this must be something which can be changed).
However as soon as there is \SlideTitle{First slide}, there is an error message, as follows:
<inserted text> 
<to be read again> 
\meta_handle_use_graphic ...a_process_graphic {#3}
\meta_use_graphic ...aphic \currentMPgraphicname }
                                                  \empty \meta_end_graphic_g...
<to be read again> 
\executedefinedoverlay ...e \everyoverlay #2\else 
                                                  \lower \d_framed_target_dp…

Best regards: OK

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