[NTG-context] xtables: stretch a single column

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Fri Jan 27 13:24:33 CET 2012


xtables  offers  option=stretch  to stretch the whole table evenly. Is
there  also  a way (without manually calculating the width) to stretch
the whole table using a given column?

Short use case:
I  have  a  table with three columns. Column 1 has an external figure,
column  3 a variable length (but still short) text/string and column 2
has  either  no  text at all or maybe a longer phrase. Columns 1 and 3
should  be auto-sized (i.e as small as possible) while column 2 should
be  as  width as necessary, to make the whole table fit perfectly onto
the page (width-wise; height doesn't matter for now).

I  think  with natural tables it was possible to set width=broad for a
certain column. Is something like that possible with xtables as well?


Best Regards,

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