[NTG-context] endnotes, imposition and recurselevel

Michael Guravage guravage at literatesolutions.com
Fri Jan 20 08:07:05 CET 2012

I am typesetting an article where the footnotes should be collected as
endnotes. I am also using imposition to arrange the article as a booklet.

When using the default location 'page', footnotes work as expected. But
when I change the location to 'text' and use \placefootnotes to produce the
endnotes, the compilation fails. Here is an example document that attempts
the same thing.  Note that the paragraph/footnote loop is performed nine
times. If you compile as is, i.e., no imposition, everything works as
expected. But add --mode=imposition to apply imposition and the compilation

Now decrease the number of iterations from nine to eight and the behaviour
is reversed. The imposition will succeed and the straight compile will
fail. Stranger yet, If you remove the subject structure, compiling with
eight iterations succeeds with or without imposition, and compiling with
nine iterations fails with or without imposition.  This all happens in the
ConTeXt from 2011.07.26. Switching to the ConTeXt from 2012.01.16
everything compiles, but the runs using imposition produce only blank pages.

Regardless of what I try, I cannot get endnotes and imposition to
cooperate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    \dorecurse{9}{\input tufte\footnote{The quick brown fox jumps over the
lazy dog.}\par}

With kind regards,

Michael Guravage
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