[NTG-context] Problem with doublesided

Tomas Hala thala at pef.mendelu.cz
Wed Jan 11 11:40:08 CET 2012


because of problems with a double-sided document,
I compared ConTeXt behaviour in TeXlive2010, TeXlive2011
and beta-version at contextgarden.net.

I found out, unfortunately, that the following code works differently:
only on TeXlive2010 version I received the proper design,
i.e. even page has mark on the left, odd one on the right,
while the TeXlive2011 and the beta produce single-sided layout,
i.e. marks are on the right side in all pages.

Or is there any special option in the current version?

Thanks for a help,

Tomas Hala

                blablablabla etc.

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